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I'm Céline, a writer, designer, and multidisciplinary creative currently working in the Downtown Eastside and living in East Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory.

ART AS COMMUNICATION: I revel in the intersection of visual and verbal communication, gravitating towards illustrative and expressive design. My design work is particularly tuned to advocacy and activism, whether hyping a cause or event, celebrating the hyper-local, grassroots and handmade, spreading education or awareness, or magnifying marginalized voices. 

ART AS RESISTANCE: I am interested in disrupting the narrative, breaking taboos, radical subjectivity (ie. centring the experiences, visions, and voices of femmes and people of colour) and blurring the boundaries between the sacred and the everything-else. 

Got a gig, an idea, or want to say hello? 
Email me: celine@celinechuang.com.