Where the Love Light Gleams (2014)

by EvanIvan & Friends


contributed: vocals, keyboard, photography, album art

We wanted to make a quintessential Christmas E.P. Not too long. Not too short. With snippets of all the facets of our favourite holiday: the gooey part, the absurd humour, the buzz of euphoria and occasional inebriation, the excitement and anticipation and bursts of sudden star-lit affection. Plus, however playfully addressed, the parts about missing and loss and frailty and the overblown blasé approach to a time of year that still remains special and sacred to so many. 

It's a time of year that particularly convicts us of our excess and entitlement. We have so much to be grateful for. No matter how fast rent cheque day seems to approach, we have homes and hot chocolate and amazing people. We put this together in an apartment while drinking rum and eggnog, with Christmas movies playing in the background. We are utterly blessed, let's face it. So however much we love to get paid for our artistic work, which we value, we also love to give it away. 

It's a pretty perilous time for our friends in the Philippines right now, so we're pitching all proceeds towards the Canadian Red Cross for the typhoon relief effort. Cool news: the Canadian government is matching donations until the 23rd. Give what you can. Spread the word. And enjoy the music. 

Love, EvanIvan 2014